Frequently asked questionsfrom students & parents

Piano lesson FAQs

About your Piano Lessons & Teacher

Do you provide online video Piano lessons?

Yes. I can provide private piano lessons via online video calls at a pre-arrange time slot.

Are you a qualified piano teacher?

As well as holding a degree I have a Diploma in both Music and Teaching. As a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) I provide professional music tuition and adhere to the guidelines as set out by the ISM.

What kind of music genre do you teach?

I am primarily a classical piano teacher and place great emphasis on giving students a thorough grounding in piano technique, music reading skills, and aural (listening) skills, with which, I believe students can then go on to develop their own interests and through which they can go on to play in a number of genres.

I teach using as wide a variety of musical genre as possible including classical, pop and jazz. For students who wish to take exams I enter students through a number of boards including ABRSM, LCM, and Rockschool. This enables them to follow the structure of learning and style which is most suited and of interest to them.

What’s the best age to start?

Any age! All ages honestly can do really well! The secret is regular practice and to keep trying.

Do I need a Piano?

Yes. You need a Piano or a full size keyboard / digital piano with touch sensitive weighted keys to practice on.

How much should I practice?

The more you put into practice the more you will get out of your lessons. Try to practice regularly, each day. Sometimes it helps to have a special time of day to practice.

How do I book?

Contact me via phone on 07515 346174, email me at or via the contact form.

What about School Holidays?

Teaching in school holidays is flexible and by arrangement.

Do you provide constructive feedback?

Regular Reports will be given on Students progress at least each term generally verbally but written if requested. Students, parents and guardians are always welcome and encouraged to discuss progress or any other matters with the teacher (the beginning of the lesson is the most appropriate time to do so as not to run into the time of another student) if you would like time to discuss anything please keep this in mind. If it is more convenient I am always happy to discuss any issues relating to my teaching on the telephone outside of normal teaching times.

What if I can’t read sheet music?

No problem. I am here to teach you.

Additional costs and tools

Exam Entry Fees

Exam Fees need to be paid to the teacher once the decision has been made to enter the exam. Refunds cannot be given for exam fees once the entry form has been completed - under any circumstances.

Teaching material

Music books need to be purchased at the cost of the student, this is in addition to the cost of lessons, the teacher can and will source suitable and necessary material and will invoice this as an addition to lesson costs, where appropriate the teacher may advise the student to purchase their own material.


Students are encouraged to bring a notebook to lessons in which practice and teaching notes can be recorded for the use of the students, parents and the tutor.