Times & Prices

Cardiff piano lesson prices


£18.00 per half hour, £27.00 for 45 minutes and £36.00 per hour. Any changes to fees will be made in writing.


Lessons are booked in a series of five and must be paid in full on or before the first lesson of each series.


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required by students to cancel a lesson. Cancellations made by students less than 48 hours will be subject to the full fee.

*All refunds of lessons cancelled within a series are discretionary.

Wherever possible, advance notice of any holidays or cancellations will be given by the teacher. Whilst every reasonable effort will be made by the teacher not to cancel the lesson if this happens no charge will be placed on the student. Any lesson cancelled by the teacher will be carried forward or where possible alternative arrangements will be made.

Lesson times

The student will be allocated a time slot which will be reserved each week these are subject to change by mutual agreement.

Students may be entered for examinations, competitions and public performances. This must always be done with the full consent of the teacher, student and where appropriate the students’ parents or guardian.