Piano lesson testimonials, piano student experiences

“Kath taught me piano for six years. She was a patient teacher who made lessons fun. Her passion for music and teaching always shone through.”

Dominic, Previous Student          


“I had been looking for a piano tutor for a few months and Kath had been mentioned highly by some local residents nearby where I live. Wilson started about 6 months ago and his progress is far better than expected.”

Simon W, Parent of Current Student, Wilson          

“My daughter Iris has been learning piano from Kath since she was four. Kath has infused musical interest and curiosity in her. I am very glad to see Iris’s confidence and capability in music keeps growing. She has also progressed very smoothly with her grades during the years. She is 11 now and working on Grade 5. Kath always carefully selects learning materials to suit Iris’ individual capabilities and interest, my daughter always enjoys Kath’s lessons.”

Lin, Parent of current Student, Iris          

“I started having lessons with Kath around 4 and half years ago and since then my piano has improved tremendously. Before, my piano skills were mediocre but with Kath I have achieved grades 3-6 and now working towards my Grade 7. Along with that my playing has been enhanced greatly with Kath’s supportive, constructive teaching. In addition to this, I have been able to explore a wider variety of pieces from different periods in the musical timeline and have broadened my musical knowledge thanks to Kath’s dedication.”

Neil M, Current Student, Young Adult          

“I am an adult beginner and started lessons with Kath in February 2018 and will be soon taking my Grade 1 exam. I love her motivation. She inspires me and above all I love how she conducts the lessons.”

Linda, Current Adult Learner          

“It's never too late to learn piano, I had my first ever piano lesson aged 41. It was a big step and I was so nervous. However, Kath’s patient, friendly nature soon put me at ease and I have now completed grades 1 & 2 with distinction and merit respectively. I’d highly recommend Kath to anyone considering learning to play.”

Emma H, Current Adult Learner          

“We are very grateful to Kath, who has supported our daughter’s exciting journey into the world of music for the last 8 years. Helpful, friendly, with humour and thoughtfulness, Kath has made learning and developing piano skills, as well as fast progression and successful achievement of grades, a special and enjoyable experience.”

Matthews family